Planning and constructing urban cities do not necessarily mean exhausting today's resources and endangering the future's supplies. On the contrary, sustainable development and architecture ensure that we get the most out of the available resources without damaging the environment or increasing the risk of lacking resources in the future.

Bearing in mind the threat of global warming, which is witnessed vividly in forest fires and the melting of arctic glaciers, the world pays more attention to sustainable techniques in urban planning and construction that do not negatively affect the environment. Various countries and organizations have invested in renewable energy resources and sustainable architecture and construction projects.

It is now the role of engineers, architects, and researchers to come up with contemporary solutions to increase the life cycle of buildings, ensure the proper implementation of sustainable development techniques, and reduce wasted energy and construction materials. This is done to ensure the maintaining of a sustainable society and the reduction of negative environmental outcomes.

Reaching sustainable development requires huge efforts, especially when it comes to architectural design and urban planning due to the rapid increase of population around the world. Therefore, IEREK, alongside various organizations, has dedicated much attention to gathering researchers and architects interested in this field to share their knowledge and experiences to benefit humanity and future generations.

Following the success of the previous editions of "Urban Planning & Architectural Design for Sustainable Development," the 7th edition of the conference will be an opportunity to benefit from and exchange knowledge with experts in this field.

Selected papers of the conference will be published in a book series entitled Advances in Science, Technology, & Innovation (ASTI) by Springer. Other papers will be published by IEREK Press